Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Let’s just check we all know what a spa is:

Noun: A mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties. A bath containing hot aerated water.

You’ve heard of the master bedroom, of course. The main bedroom in the house where you can relax, sleep and have your own haven of personal tranquillity. But why not a master bathroom? More and more designers are now showering attention (sorry about the pun) on the bathroom to become a place much more than where you go to brush your teeth, or take a quick shower. It may be bucking the trend (because in a recent survey 0ver 70% of people shower and rarely if ever have a bath) but more people are realising that the bathroom can be turned into a palace of pampering and a den of opulence.

How to turn your bathroom into indulgence central? Here are some ideas. What about a bathroom floor that is always warm even on the coldest winter’s day? With a Nuheat® electric flooring heating system you could have soothing comfort and even heat for your tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors without cold spots.

The first thing to do is to set a budget. The sky’s the limit for bathroom accessories and you won’t want to land yourself with a bill so large that you’ll be weeping each time you take a bath! Get someone to help you design the layout of you spa-like bathroom… The sink, shower, bath and cabinets can all be moved around to make the best use of the space available.

In order to give you that genuine spa experience, then you’ll need an extra deep soaking tub with jets. That way you can be totally immersed in warm soothing water. In the shower department, you can get showerheads and body spray showers for the walls and ceilings that will give you that tingling invigorating just-had-a-massage feeling. These days most shower systems come with an electronic control that will allow you to preset sprays, temperature, steam, water use, and even music so you can enjoy a highly personalized therapeutic experience.

How annoying is it when you emerge from your bath or shower only to find the mirrors are all-steamed up? Well that needn’t be a problem with a steam-free mirror that automatically turns on with the lights? Be adventurous in your choice of bathroom materials- natural stone is always a stunner, but you can mix it up with metal and glass. Have you thought about a glass sink? That can look stunning. When it comes to choosing colours for painted surfaces such as walls and cabinets, then one trick is to choose different tones of the same colour. But don’t be afraid to be bold. A bright gloss scarlet cabinet can really look like the bees knees. And make sure you have recesses and shelves for your candles. Yep, there’s nothing that quite completes a luxurious bath experience than to have the bathroom lit only be candlelight.